Benchmarks & PR's


Monday - 12/21/2015

5 Hang cleans @ 45#
5 Burpees over the bar
5 Front squats
5 Burpees over the bar
5 Squat cleans
5 Burpees over the bar

Squat clean
Worked from 135# up to 230#. Missed 240# (old PR was 235#, so I skipped that)

10 Burpees
Finished all 10 rounds. It was horrible after about 5 rounds. Stacey would not let me stop - just what I needed.

Thursday - 12/17/2015

Rowing, push-ups, burpees over the rower

Core Conditioning
Part One
50 Ab wheels
plus 5 push-ups EMOM

Part Two
200m run
3 wall climbs
:30 rest
Rest 6 minutes

Part Three
For Time
400m row
75 sit-ups
400m row

Wednesday - 12/16/2015

Squats, Jumping squats, Jumping lunges
OHS, Superman variations

The goal was to stay between 65 and 75% of 1RM. I started lighter, then got up to 75%. First was 135#, then 185, 205, 225, 235, 245, and 255#.

For time
30 snatches at 85#
3 Rounds of:
10 alternating pistols
20 box jumps @ 24"
30 UB OHS @ 85#
Snatches felt good. I did them as 10+10+5+5. Legs were tired for the OHS, but got 30 unbroken. Legs are now tired and burning.

Tuesday - 12/14/2015

Push Jerk
Started at 115#, then 135, 155, 185, 205, and 210.

5 UB Hang clean & jerk
10 UB pull-ups
10 UB Wall ball shots @ 20#
There was a 2 burpee penalty for any broken sets. I finished 3 rounds and 3 reps. I did one set of burpees because I broke up the third set of pull-ups into 6+4.

Wednesday - 12/9/2015

3 Front squats (ascending weight)
Worked from 135# up to 175#

Death By Many
Deadlifts @ 225#
Wall Walks
Air squats x3
50' shuttle runs
This was one of the best workouts I have endured in a long time. Finished 1-10 of deadlifts (55 reps), 2.5 rounds of wall climbs (hate them), 30 squats in the round of 39 (264 squats in 13 minutes), then tried to run a few rounds (legs like dead tree stumps by then). I will feel this WOD for days.

Tuesday - 12/8/2015

Snatches EOM
Worked from 95# up to 165#

WOD 2 for Comp
Snatches, rowing calories
Worked for 11 minutes. Real comp limit is 12 minutes. Got through the 10 snatches. Ripped both pinky fingers.

Monday - 12/7/2015

Had to put my cat down today. Went to CF for barbell therapy @ 4:30.

Low bar back squat
Worked from 135# up to 275#

Squat clean thrusters @ 75#
Bar-facing burpees
Pistols (each side)
Finished in 8:23

Thursday - 12/3/2015

3 rounds
:10 plank hold + :10 up/downs
4 rounds
:10 hollow hold + 10 lemon squeezers
More push-ups and planks
Wall balls and burpees and jumping lunges

Push press
Worked from 95# to 115, 135, 155, 185, to 205#.

10 box jumps @ 24"
10 Wall balls @ 20#/10'
Felt good on this one. The last minute or so was a sprint. Finished 4 rounds plus 20 reps.

Tuesday - 12/1/2015

Rowing intervals (light row with :10 intervals of hard effort)
Strict press + OH lunges forward and back (once with PVC, next with empty barbell)

Push Jerk - 4-4-4-4
Split Jerk - 1-1-1-1
For the ones, I went 185#, 205, 225, then two failed attempts at a new PR at 235#. 231 or 232 might have gone up, but maybe not. My sleep last night was minimal. Not 100% today.

Another one based on Fran
9 Pull-ups (unbroken, yeah!)
9 Thrusters (unbroken, yeah!)
21 Burpees
15 Pull-ups (3x5)
15 Thrusters (8+7)
15 Burpees
21 Pull-ups (3x7)
21 Thrusters (3x7)
9 Burpees
Had 75# on the barbell. Still horrible and wanted to puke at the end. Thanks to Stacey for pushing me to finish.

Saturday - 11/28/2015

1 minute each with 10 seconds of periodic "push" of max effort:
Squats + jumping squats
Hi/Lo planks + push-ups
Hollow hold + V-up push

Back squats
Worked on low bar squats. Started the "heavy" sets at 185# and worked up to 275#.

For time:
With a partner, dividing up work evenly
150 KBS @ 53#
250 Double unders
100 Hang squat clean thrusters
I partnered with Ned and Anthony for this one. Ned and I worked together, and Anthony worked alone for the alternating sets. We broke up the KBS into 15, then sets of 10. DU was mostly sets of 30 with a set of 35 to get the math right. We ended with sets of 5 thrusters. Those were horrible, but we only had to crank for about 4 minutes before time ran out. Ned and I finished 25 thrusters each, and Anthony got 20; so 45 reps of the 100.

Right before this workout started, I discovered that my beloved jump rope was missing. I have no idea where it is :-(  I last used it on Wednesday. I'm sure I left it somewhere I shouldn't have. I bought a new one tonight, and I will use a substitute until that arrives. Very sad.

Friday - 11/27/2015

No real workout today. Katie, Ethan and I went to NYC for the day and walked all over creation. My Apple Watch claimed it was a new daily record, but what does it know - I don't wear it when I CrossFit.

Thursday - 11/26/2015

1 Mile run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 Mile run
Finished this sweaty mess in 61:30. Was able to get all the pull-ups in sets of 5. The only scaling I did was not wearing the weight vest. Time to eat!

It's Thanksgiving and time to think about what I am grateful for this year. It's funny that the list changes from year to year. I also realize that most of what I am thankful for are the people in my life rather than things. However, many of the people I appreciate are part of the reason that I feel blessed to live the life I have. Family and friends are key to my daily happiness. Early this year, I was fortunate enough to join the group at CrossFit Boston, and I want to express my thanks to Neal Thompson, G2, Pat, and Mickey over there. This year's list continued to grow to include Lando and Kroon and all the coaches and athletes I have gotten to know this year at CrossFit Lando Canal Park. I feel like the last few months have been a new level of training - just what the doctor ordered! Lastly, I am thankful this year for the quality doctors at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center that have been helping Laurie with her recent health concerns - keep it up for a few more days, please.

Wednesday - 11/25/2015

400m run
Hollow holds and V-ups
Push-up ladder (5-1)
Planks for days

I don't track my 2RM DL, but my 3RM was 330# from earlier this month. Working 2's, I started with 155#, then 175, 185, 225, 245, 265, 285, 305, 315#. This felt good, so I added 20# and did 3 at 335# for a new PR. There was more to be had, but time had run out.

5 minutes of box jumps @ 30"
4 minutes of HSPU
3 minutes of DU
2 minutes of squat snatches @ 95#
1 minute of sit-ups
I was happy with box jumps and HSPU rounds. DU was OK - I got 110 reps. I had no gas for snatches and only got 5 in 2 minutes. Sit-ups are just sit-ups, but that was the right way to end this sweaty mess.


Tuesday - 11/24/2015

Push press with 3 second pause at the bottom of the dip.
Worked from 75# up to 185#.

5 pull-ups (C2B if possible)
5 Thrusters @ 95#
This cleverly disguised Fran variant worked out just like regular Fran. The first three rounds went quick, the middle was hard, and the last couple rounds were a sprint against the clock. Finished in 8:58 (beating my 9 minute goal by a whopping 2 seconds).

Monday - 11/23/2015

1 Front squat + 2 Back squats
Worked from 95# up to 265#. 1RM front squat is 290#, and I knew I wasn't going to get there.

For time:
800m run
40 OHS @ 75#
20 Power cleans @ 75#
My run was slow (as usual), but I murdered the barbell stuff with 2 big sets of OHS to start and a little one to finish it off. Then fast set of 10 cleans. Done. Love it!

Lando In-house Comp

I spent Saturday at CrossFit Lando in Woburn doing their in-house comp. I had prepared for this by doing WODs 1 and 3 earlier in the week. Unfortunately, I practiced using the scaled weights and was told Saturday morning that ALL men would be doing RX. That was fine for WOD 3 (max C&J), but WOD 2 was going to be tough.

WOD 1 was not terrible - AMRAP 7 of 7 Thrusters, 7 Box jumps, and 7 Burpees. The weight was 95# vs the 65# I had practiced. I have done plenty of 95# thrusters over the years, so this was nothing new - just more that I was bargaining for that morning. Mike from Woburn crushed this workout in the first heat; it looked like it was his day from the beginning.

WOD 2 was awful for me. AMRAP 8 that included (and started with) EMOM 8 5 Squat cleans @ 95#. Between squat cleans, complete 10 wall walks, 20 jumps to 12" above your reach, and 30 snatches @ 95#. The first minute went well, then things went off the rails. I finished the cleans plush 3 wall walks. Time to clean again, then 2 wall walks. Suddenly there was no air in the room (other athletes did not seem to notice this). Cleans + 1 rep. Cleans - no time for any reps of wall walks - cleans again. 1 more rep. Eventually, I finished the wall walks during the last minute. I got a few jumps in as time ran out. This WOD exposed my MetCon weakness. The top athletes (Mike and Strang) got deep into the snatches before time ran out.

WOD 3 was much better. 8 minutes for a max Clean & Jerk, 1 minute rest, 1 minute of double unders. I had practiced with single unders - no problem - but I don't like doing double unders in Oly shoes. I got a PR on the lift - 230# (+3) - and 54 double unders. Before lifting, we all had weighed in. Scoring would not be just the heaviest weight plus reps. It was that number divided by your body weight. This WOD belonged to Mike again.

Dan Dionne and Talia Vinograd represented Canal Park well; each of them made it into the final workout. While neither reached the podium, I'm excited that our new gym is already producing some competitive, badass athletes. Next year, I expect the Canal Park to have a few more competitors ready to take on the Woburn juggernaut.

Later Saturday night, the Landos from both gyms met at Causeway in Boston. It was a chance to meet a bunch of people and get to know others a bit better outside the gym. I may have had a bit much to drink, but I parked a few T stops away to keep it safe. In fact, the ride and walk back to the car was the best part of the day.

Friday - 11/20/2015

Hang power clean
Worked from 95# up to 205#.

400m run
then 5x:30 each of
1) 3 Hang power clean + 1 jerk
2) 5 Thrusters
3) 7 Pull-ups
4) 9 Burpees
Did the barbell work at 95#. Finished all of rounds 1 and 2. Got 3 rounds of 7 pull-ups before gassing out. Then did :30 on :30 off of burpees for good measure.

Wednesday - 11/18/2015

Burpee breakdown
5 burpees, 4 feet to hands, 3 push-ups, 2 burpee to stand (no jump)
5 back squat (45#), 5 good mornings, 5 deadlifts
5 Push-ups, 4 burpee to stand, 3 feet to hands, 2 burpees
5 back squat (45#), 5 good mornings, 5 deadlifts

OK, I deviated from this a bit when I go to the 2. I was feeling strong and Stacey was pushing me. My old 3RM DL was 315, so I went for 2 @ 325#. That felt good, so I just did 3 instead for a new 3RM PR. There was still 2 minutes on the clock, so I went up to 330# and did another 3RM.

For time:
1000m row
60 box jumps + step down
120 double unders
My target for the row was 4 minutes, and I was well under that. Box jumps were a grind, but I jumped all of them (no step ups). To keep track, I did 10 reps on each side of the box. Double unders showed up nicely; I got an initial set of 51, then I got to 80, worked up to 95, then one big set of 25 to get to 120. Finished in 11:36.

Tuesday - 11/17/2015

Alternating hollow hold, flutter kicks, snatches

1RM Complex
Power snatch + squat snatch + 3 second hold in OHS
Worked from 75# up to 135#

3 rounds of Cindy
10 Hang power snatches @ 95#
3 rounds of Cindy
Max reps of hang squat snatches @ 95#
Finished 10 hang squat snatches to end the workout.

Monday - 11/16/2015

Run 400m
With a partner:
7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Front squats (Partner A does 7, Partner B does 6, ...)
7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Push press (Partner B does 7, Partner A does 6, ...)
7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Hang clean
7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Push press
Front squat
Worked from 185# to a new PR at 296#. 300# is coming soon.

Squat clean
400m run after each round
Finished in 15:57 with just 95# on the bar.