Benchmarks & PR's


Latest cholesterol results are in

Laurie has been asking me to get checked since I started the Paleo Diet months ago. The issue is simple, my family has a history of high cholesterol and my own has been as high as 265 in the past.

At my last physical (April of 2011) my cholesterol as at 177, but I was eating very little fat and tons of carbs. No red meat and no dairy, cheese, or eggs.

On Paleo, I stopped the carbs and added red meat and eggs (sometimes at the same time). Laurie wanted me to get checked before I committed to continuing on Paleo - especially with another Paleo Challenge coming up soon.

I got checked. Results were incredible... total cholesterol was 162 - the lowest number I have ever had.

Great stuff!

New 1RM Power Clean

Today I improved my 1RM power clean by 10 pounds to 145#. In fact, it was a 3RM, but I failed to get a 1RM at 155#, so I am counting this one.

Snatch and Squat @ 95#

This is round 4 of 5 doing 3 snatch and squats.

Friday Night Fran

This past Friday I went to "Friday Night Fran" at Crossfit Craic. I signed up early in the week, so I knew I would be doing this. Thursday night was tough - I could not sleep for having weird dreams about struggling with the weight or the pull-ups or falling or running out of time, etc.

Luckily, this workout was awesome. The whole night was a combination of a one event Garage Games and a party with good friends.

The workout was broken into 10-minute heats. I was in the third heat and, as planned, had 75# on the bar. Katie was my judge and counter (worrisome only because I had no-repped her a couple times during her workout). I got through the first 21 thrusters according to my plan (7-7-7) and slowed down on pull ups. 15 more thrusters were tough, and the pull ups even harder. Coach Pete came over and got in my ear to keep me moving. As I started the nines, I knew I must be one of the last competitors left and was running out of time. Pete and Katie kept on me to get through the 9 thrusters (3-2-1-3) and 9 pullups (2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1). I looked up at the clock. 9:48. Awesome!

I will take this opportunity to thank Nicole at Crossfit 2A, too. Thanks to her, I got plenty of practice with thrusters, squats, and presses - mostly with 85+ on the bar. Definitely made 75# thrusters tolerable.

The new plan is to start practicing at 115# to get to RX @ 95#.

Progress this week

Last week I got a dead lift PR of 200#. Quite happy with that. More lifts this week.

This week was focused on a lot of heavy lifting and getting ready for Friday Night Fran at Crossfit Craic.

Monday was Veteran's Day so we did the "Nutts" Hero WOD. This was a challenging workout. I felt good with the first half (including 25 30" box jumps), but the 100 wall balls sapped all energy. I finished last (not uncommon), but I finished. That beast took me 29 minutes to finish. Without a doubt this was the toughest workout I have done.

Tuesday was 5x5 power cleans and a WOD of push presses and burpees. Not a treat, but not as hard as Nutts. After all that, I did a few minutes of 75# thrusters to get ready for Fran.

Ron Lohse at Crossfit 2A

Wednesday was my first evening workout at Crossfit 2A (excluding the Halloween party craziness). This one was 3x5 back squats at 225# then KB swings and jump rope. This was the first time I had Greg as the coach. I have to admit I liked his coaching style a lot; he was very confident and spent time with each of us with intent focus and helpful advice to tweak form or to get a bit more effort. I have always said - usually about soccer - that the more coaches you can get exposed to the better. Seems to hold true here as well. Good stuff. But Nicole is still #1 :-)

Of course, after a night of back squats and Tuesday's cleans and thrusters, my new OLYs arrived at home. I gave them a quick cook to get them fitted. Looks like they will be broken in Friday Night!

Ron Lohse

Nano 2.0 Design

I just had a blast designing a Reebok Nano 2.0. You can, too, at I don't plan to actually buy this pair (I have my eye on others), but this was too much fun.

This week at Crossfit

Last week ended with the Halloween party at Crossfit 2A. It was a great party (hopefully the first annual) and we even got a short workout in.

halloween party at crossfit 2a

Monday was put on hold thanks to the far reaching impact of Hurricane Sandy. Tuesday was great fun with a really crowded lunchtime class. We worked on handstands for a while and then 3 rounds of 800m run, 20 situps and 30 pushups. Good times!

Wednesday was Halloween; I stayed home to work on the decorations for the yard. Thursday was the best workout of the week; I showed up at noon and found out I was the only one. Nicole helped me progress with bar muscle ups, the we did a tiring WOD. 6 RFT of 250m row, 200m run, and 10 burpees. Nicole did it with me; I did not hang. I was happy with my time, though, because I kept a steady pace and did not stop, gasp for air, take a water break, or hurl during burpees. After class, we spent a few minutes on thrusters - Nicole pointed out that I was not racking the bar each rep, so I was tiring out my forearms. Good tip as I prepare for the next Fran (Nov. 16 at Craic).

Katie Squats 115# - New PR

I spent a bit of time after "Grace" to find my 1RM front squat. I added 10 lbs to the old mark, coming in at 115# (heavier than my body weight). I tried several times to push a bit further, but kept losing it at the bottom. Thanks to my dad for cleaning the bar back up into the rack a few times.

Katie Lohse at Crossfit Craic

Butterfly Inspiration

This is a short video I took at the Masters Throwdown at Crossfit New England last week. I believe the competitor's name is Paul (red shorts). His pull-ups were smooth and effortless for every round. Great stuff.

Sore all over

Monday was a leg workout at 2A. Tuesday was an arm beatdown (jerks, wall balls, and burpees). Today is a rest day - good thing because I am hobbling around like an 80-year-old man. My hamstrings and butt are cramping and my shoulders fail to raise my arms. I'm sure this is part of getting stronger, but I have to gimp around the office with people asking if I'm injured. Kind of embarrassing.

Paleo continues long after the competition ended. Today I weighed in at 196#. Slowly working my way down. Regardless of the weight loss, I am most pleased to be off the Diet Coke.

Pull-up progression

Katie and I are both progressing on our pull-ups. She is way ahead of me with kipping. We both want to switch over to butterfly style. To that end, we are studying this video from Crossfit Park City.

Katie Front Squat @ 105#

Previous 1RM was 95#. This was 5x2 at 105#.

Katie Lohse front squat 105#

New 1 rep max

Back squat @ 245#

Completed Fran and another PR

Finished Fran in 12:20 @ 75#

PR for Front Squat @ 200# (previous was 175#)

Reording a PR

Today was push press. 1 RM @ 150#

Squats Before Grace

Nicole took this shot of the "warm-up" squats last week before we took on Grace. New PR while still in week 3 of our Paleo challenge.

Ron Lohse Crossfit Front squat @ 175#

Today's WOD

Dropped in to Craic for 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of Deadlifts and Situps. Katie finished in 4:17 @ 75#. I finished in 6:59 @ 135#.

Woman's Creed

Found this online. Pretty much sums it up.

A couple PR's to record

Last Friday was PR for Clean+Jerk at 155lb.
Today was Bench Press at 175lb.


Today was the benchmark workout "Grace" at Crossfit 2A. This was my first official attempt, and my workout was made extra special because I was the only one that showed up for the class. Nicole was free to focus all her attention on my efforts. No hiding, no going light. Rx for Grace is 30 clean and jerks of 135lbs. I was planning to do this at 95lbs. No such luck. While warming up, Nicole decided I would be using 115lbs.

My lifts were broken up into singles with a few seconds between each. After 25 lifts, I saw that 10 minutes was fast approaching. I cranked out the last five with only a second or two between each. I was totally gassed at the end, but felt great that I got them all in. Total time was 10:11. I'm very happy with that. Next time will be faster (hopefully at the same weight).