Benchmarks & PR's


Shot Put Training Crossfit Style

Getting ready for the Spring season, I got some strength training with Jarrod at Craic. Here is a short sample.

Glad to Be Back

After a week on the road, got back to Crossfit 2A yesterday. As much as I like the variety that travel offers, I love the coaches and members at my home box. Just like home cooked comfort food. I think this brings out my best effort and breeds PRs. Love it!

Don't Be a Jerk...

Funny but accurate article on how we can avoid being fit and jerky. Don’t be a CrossFit A$#hole 6 Tips to Be a Good CrossFitter

Max Effort in Las Vegas

I spent last week in Las Vegas and dropped in on Crossfit Max Effort. Very tough WODs were just what I needed during a week of over-indulgence. Lindsay and Zach have a great place and the combination of regulars and several visitors each day made for a fun environment. Thanks all!

First Responders Challenge

Went to Crossfit 2A this morning to watch the First Responders Challenge. The photo below is not from Human Centipede, but rather a bit of torture called Fireman's Push Up. The idea is to interlock four athletes then have them all do 5 good push ups at the same time. The whole WOD was a 20 minute AMRAP of 5 squat snatches for one athlete, then 5 of these pushups (the 5 squat snatches for the next athlete) . Silly and brutal at the same time.


The Face of Addiction

I saw that Craic was doing a WOD with Clean & Jerks and Double-Unders. I had already done my usual lunch time WOD at 2A (push presses, push ups, and sit ups), but could not resist. I got a C&J PR at 165#. I'm feeling it today, but I was loving it last night.

Double Under Under Duress

Every now and then, I can crank out a respectable number of double unders. Usually, this happens when I am rested - a bit of leg or arm fatigue results in quick failure. Today I focused on trying to get DUs throughout a WOD that included burpees and box jumps. As the photo shows, I started off with a good number then struggled. The last round was a bit better as I sorted out relaxing and working at the same time. This is not Earth-shattering progress, but I recognize this as a step forward.

McEvoy Form Envy

These are a few a photos of John McEvoy at the Competitor's Competition. When I saw these, I could instantly see the huge difference between his form and mine. More practice for me!

Competitor's Competition

This past Saturday was the Competitor's Competition at Crossfit New England. I went to cheer for/with friends. It was a great time watching elite athletes put through ridiculous challenges lie 30 muscle ups, unsupported handstand pushups, and weighted rope climbs.

It was scary, impressive, and inspiring all at the same time. I felt pretty anemic by the time I left, but it's good to have goals.

Speaking of goals, here's one. I was blown away by Jordan's bod - I doubt that I will ever reach this ideal, but he definitely has the body image I am working toward. Wow!

My First Throwdown

I finished my first competition on January 6th at Crossfit 2A. Every WOD was hard and painful, but it was great to get my first one out of the way. I am already looking forward to doing it again in April.

Katie Lohse Crossfit Recovery


Yesterday after class, dead lift 225#.

Shirt Choices



The Crossfit 2A Throwdown was held on Sunday, January 6th. I competed in the men's scaled group and finished 11th out of 14. I got a PR in the clean @ 160# and finished the 200 remix in just under 10 minutes. In general, I was very pleased with how I did in my first competition. I am already looking forward to the next one in April.

Final preparations

We are both getting ready for our first (scaled) competition this Sunday at Crossfit 2A. We now know what we are in for, and we have been working on final preparations. Our last "heavy" workout was Monday at Craic. We did 21-15-9 of thrusters and power cleans. It was a great, sweaty mess.

Final preparations

The Crossfit 2A Throwdown is a week from Sunday. During the past week, I have worked on double unders, snatches, kipping pullups, wall climbs, rope climbs, bar muscle ups, cleans and dead lifts. I actually feel pretty well prepared, but the WODs get posted tomorrow, so I may have a whole new freak-out then.

My plan of attack for the competition is simple, keep moving for the duration of each WOD. I am not the fastest, and I am definitely not the strongest, but my conditioning is steadily improving, so I hope to score in the middle by just not quitting. We'll see how that strategy works out on game day.

Crossfit Mount Laurel

I need to thank Crossfit Mount Laurel in New Jersey for accommodating us during Christmas week. We dropped in for a WOD on Saturday, then Open Gym on Sunday and Monday. For the first open gym, Katie and I worked on wall climbs, dead lifts, and Katie started on bar muscle ups. The second open gym we warmed up with wall climbs, then did Angie (because that's what 2A was up to for Monday). It was great to keep moving those days. Thanks to Tommy and Dana!

Kicking my butt

Great workout today at CrossFit 2A. We started with front squats and battle ropes (instant sweat factory), then an 18 minute AMRAP of 5 push presses, 8 pull ups, and 20 double unders. More sweat, then hit the recovery position at the end.

ron lohse crossfit recovery position

After a short cool down, I did a bit of work on the bar and got my second bar muscle up. All good!

Crossfit Craic Christmas Party

Saturday night was the Craic Christmas Party. It was a very crowded, noisy, fun party. Craicheads were jammed into every room, shoulder to shoulder, talking, drinking eating great (No Bread) food (and tongue).

Here are a few shots from the festivities.

Katie Lohse Crossfit Craic

Katie Lohse Crossfit Craic

Katie Lohse Crossfit Craic

Katie Lohse Crossfit Craic

A couple more milestones

I have kept on the Paleo Diet since the challenge started back in September. At that time, I weighed in at 219. This morning I officially hit my target weight - 185 lbs. Laurie was sleeping in the other room while I was doing the happy dance all around the bathroom. It was a great feeling, but would have been humiliating if anyone saw my gyrations :-)

My next goal was to climb the rope and return to Earth without injury. I have made two successful ascents in the past, but both ended with pretty ugly wounds. The first involved sliding down the rope at Crossfit One with the rope running diagonally across the fron of my left leg. By the time I hit the floor, I had a pretty serious burn that has left a large eye-shaped scar.

My second descent was at Crossfit 2A and was a fast slide - I lost my grip at the top and thought I was going to plummet to the ground. Instead, I held on to control my fall, but ripped the tips off a couple fingers.

I watched a bunch of videos on rope climbing form yesterday and hit the rope today with a plan. I did a couple practice runs; only going up a few feet to get my technique. Then I hiked up my socks and went for it. It was not effortless, but I made it all the way up, tapped the rafter, and came down hand-over-hand without any wounds. Another goal achieved.

What's next? I need to focus on improving my dead lifts. At 46, I have to watch what I do to my back, and bad form is a killer.

Finally! First bar muscle up

I have been practicing bar muscle ups for about 6 weeks. I spent a lot of time "kipping" up to the bar (read "flailing around in the air like a fish") without muscling at all. I also used hours of internet time looking at various YouTube videos on how to do this right (for the record, sitting at my computer watching YouTube did nothing to improve my form nor my strength). Practice, encouragement, coaching, dieting, and strengthening seemed to help immeasurably.

One thing that did seem to make a big difference for me (and it was a tip from YouTube) was to spend some time with the lat pull-down machine doing lots of reps with a fairly light load.  I did that a few times over the last couple weeks to get my "muscle" part of the muscle up stronger. My routine for this was to do 4 x 25 of really light, then 2 x 25 of a bit heavier, then 4 rounds (a bit heavier still) of 10 pull-downs, 10 push-ups, and 10 sit-ups. The idea was to work the main muscle groups that I needed for muscle ups.

The biggest factor, in my opinion, was coaching and encouragement. Nicole at Crossfit 2A has worked with me on this each day for a few minutes. She pointed out the many improvements that my form needed. Additionally, the encouragement from the lunchtime group was great motivation, especially over the last few days as it became clear that I would eventually get up there.  Thanks, everybody.

Now, my attention turns to that damn rope!

Ron Lohse at Crossfit 2A