Benchmarks & PR's


Saturday - 5/17/2014

Rest Day

Recovered from Prom Night, coached soccer

Friday - 5/16/2014

Went to the doctor for my shoulder. Got x-rays. Initial diagnosis is likely a partial rotator cuff tear. Scheduling an MRI to get a better look.

We discussed getting a cortisone shot (since I still want to compete on Sunday). We agreed to skip the shot - better to let the pain dictate what I can and can't do. If the pain is gone and my shoulder is still injured, I am more likely to seriously hurt myself.

Thursday - 5/15/2014

Noon Session

Shoulder rehab
Various exercises with the bands

Not Nancy
7 Front Squats (from ground)
200m run

Weights were 75#, 85#, 95#, 115#, 125#  Shoulder felt good thoughout; focused on hip drive to minimize upper arm involvement.

Shoulder stability
Hold KB overhead, inverted in one hand, walk around a bit, then switch hands.
On the box with 2.5# weights in each hand, 10 each of T's, Y's and I's

Clean and Squat practice
After class, worked up to cleaning 155# and 3 front squats in preparation for Sunday's comp.

Sunday I will be competing again. This time it is a mixed couples comp. I will be working with Olivia Dorrance, who agreed to jump in at the last minute. We are doing the scaled workouts to keep things manageable. Afternoon session today is to work on the competition WODs.

Afternoon session

Worked with Oliva on all 4 competition WODs.

Floater (Atlas stones in 1 minute)
We got 6, then 9 lifts in one minute

Practiced some cleans and squats. I got up to 155# with my sore shoulder. Olivia got to 100#.

We did 25 reps of each movement instead of the prescribed 50. We finished in just over 5 minutes. Burpees were the limiting factor.

Worked out a good scheme for alternating situps. Also sorted out communication for the KBS, lunges, and lifts.

Wednesday - 5/14/2014

Rest Day

Shoulder hurts, legs are burning; time for a day off.

Tuesday - 5/13/2014

Dead Lift Progression
25 DL
300m row
20 DL
300m row
15 DL
300m row
10 DL
300m row
Weights were 115#, 135#, 165#, and 185#. Finished in 11:15.

Skipped the shoulder-killing WOD and practiced Atlas stone ground to shoulder cleans @115#

Monday - 5/12/2014

Doing my own thing today because of a sore left shoulder. (Going to see Dr. Sean Rockett on Friday to get that checked out).

Ab Work - 2 rounds of:
20 weighted situps (35#)
1 minute plank hold
10 GHD situps

Front Squats - EMOM 10
6 front squats
Rounds 1-2 135#, 3-4 155#, 5-10 165#
This got heavy very quickly. The plan was to go up every two rounds, but 165# was very challenging, so I stayed with that to the end.

Back Squats - 5/3/1/3/5
5 @ 165#
3 @ 195#
1 @ 245#
3 @ 215#
5 @ 195#


Single Leg Squats
4 rounds of 6 squats each leg
Used 2 35# kettlebells throughout

Back Squats

Did sets of 5 working up to 205#. Worked on shoulder rehab exercises between sets.

Thursday - 5/8/2014


Worked my sore shoulder for 15 minutes. Failed to get pass-throughs to go from back-to front.

1 mile weighted walk

Athletes had their choice of weighting options: farmer's walk, sandbag, tire drag, sled push. I chose tire drag with 25# plate on top. This was WAY harder than I expected. Every variation in surface texture, sand, dirt, rocks, and elevation was amplified by the tire. My hips were burning after about 200 meters. When I returned and relaxed for a while, my thighs and calves lit up. Finished my walk in 22:25.

Wednesday - 5/7/2014

Rest day

Spent the afternoon with ice packs and Heisenberg.

Tuesday - 5/6/2014

Hang Snatch 3RM
10 minutes to find 3-rep max hang snatch
Finished with 125# on the bar

Strict press practice
6/4/2 + 6/4/2 strict press
Started at 65# for 6 reps, then 85# for 4 reps. Left shoulder did not like this much, so Nicole had me switch to some back and shoulder strength work with the new bands.

Front Squat practice
Build to max 3-rep front squat (weight starts on the floor)
Started with 95#, then 135#, 155#, 175#. Jumped to 205# (like an idiot) and missed the clean and tweaked my left shoulder. Thus ending my workouts for today. Ice and Aleve are in effect.

Monday - 5/5/2014

15 Minute time limit
50 C2B Pull-ups
Every time you come off the bar, 25 DU and 200m run
Finished 41 Chest-to-bar pull-ups in the time limit
5 sets of DU (unbroken) and running

Rowing with a partner
Row 500, then rest while partner rows 500
Row 400, then rest while partner rows 400
Row 300, then rest while partner rows 300
Row 200, then rest while partner rows 200
Row 100, then rest while partner rows 100
Finished in a cumulative time of 5:13 (excluding 1:1 rest)

Thursday - 5/1/2014

5x5 Snatch Practice
75#, 95#, 115#, 135#, 135#

12 Deadlift
9 Hang Clean
6 Push Jerk
First round @ 115#, rounds 2-5 @ 95#. Finished in a quick 10:13.

After the workout, I did a sixth round at the Rx weight (155#). It was very heavy and I have to break up the cleans (4+5) and the jerks (1+5) but I finished the round.

Wednesday - 4/30/2014

700m row
20 walking lunges
10 ab wheels
Finished in 14:43 and felt pretty good the whole time.

5 rounds of tabata battle ropes

5 rounds of 20 seconds. Rest was more than 10 seconds (more like 1:30 while others went) Also felt pretty good at the end of this one.

CrossFit games tickets: went on sale; got into waiting room; waited a long time; no tickets available by the time I got in (1:22pm EST). Sucked.

Tuesday - 4/29/2014

Today was frustrating. I felt weak and heavy - a deadly combination on a day that included two WODs that featured muscle-ups.

8 DB/KB snatches (4 each arm)
4 30" box jumps
2 MU or 4 chest-to-bar pull-ups

I started with 53# KB for snatches, but fatigue and bad form dropped me down to 44# KB then 45# dumbbell.

Box jumps = no problem.

First muscle-up attempt was the closest I got to success. Tried a few times then switched to chest-to-bar pull-ups. Even those were not great - usually got 3 unbroken and had to dangle for an extra swing to kip up the last one. I did not impress myself.

2 Turkish getups (26#)
2 Muscle up attempts

For this workout, I decided on trying bar muscle-ups. If got the first one, struggled a few reps and then got a second. Next round, got 2 bar muscle-ups quickly (singles). Next round, struggled to for a bit to get them. Last round, all struggle; no muscle-ups.

As competition season ramps up, I need to focus on improving my pull-up strength and dropping a few pounds to make these gymnastic movements easier. Not feeling great about today.

Monday - 4/28/2014

Build to a heavy set of 2 hang cleans + 2 jerks

95, 135, 165, 170#

Back squat ladder: 6/4/2 then 6/4/2 increasing weight each time

6 @ 185#
4 @ 205#
2 @ 215#

6 @ 225#
4 @ 265#
2 @ 275#

Busy week

Katie and I spent this week in North Carolina looking at colleges and dropping in on CrossFit boxes. Here are the WOD highlights:

Tuesday - 4/22/2014
CrossFit Eternal in Charlotte, NC

Squat clean skill work

OTM 16
1 squat clean
(add weight each round)
ended at 185#

50 DU
50 Lunges
50m Bear crawl
Almost finished 2 rounds (25m short)

Wednesday - 4/23/2014

CrossFit Invoke, Raleigh, NC

Work to a heavy 3 rep OHS - got to 155#

16 Minute Cap
30 OHS @ 65#
200m run
20 OHS @ 85#
400m run
10 OHS @ 95#
800m run
DU for remaining time

Finished OHS and runs plus 10 double-unders.

Friday - 4/25/2014
Back home

Morning Session with John McEvoy @ Craic

Squat Snatch skill work
95# up to 150#

Squat Clean & Split Jerk skill work
135# up to 185#

This was the last 1-on-1 Oly session with John. He has been a huge help working on form and fixing various faults. Big thanks!

Afternoon session @ CrossFit 2A
Open gym

15 Rounds
30 seconds sprint row
30 seconds rest

2 minutes of situps (53)
Did this with Jeremy while he trains for a GoRuck Challenge in October.

1 Bear complex
Add weight every other round
95#, 115#, 135#, 145#

WOD - 4/16/2014

Back Squat
Work up to heavy 3, then 6x3 at that weight.
Shoot for +5-10 pounds over last Tuesday.

Worked up to 280# (+5)
Got 4 rounds at that weight before running out of time
For Time
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Hand release push ups
10 KBS between  each set of push ups

Finished at 6:04

WODs - 4/15/2014

Morning Session
Hang Clean skill work (up to 195#)

"The Chad"
5 Cleans @ 145#
10 T2B
15 Wall Balls

Finished 6 rounds + 5 cleans

Afternoon Session
Hang Clean skill work (up to 205#) - PR

200m row
400m run
10 ab wheels

Finished in 23:35

WOD - 4/14/2014

Deadlift: 4 x 2.2.2

1 round @ 155#
1 round @ 185#
1 round @ 235#
1 round @ 295#

5 walking lunges w/ 53# KB in right hand
5 walking lunges w/ 53# KB in left hand
30 double-unders

Finished @ 4:35


A couple more workouts from this week:

Thursday - 4/10/2014

35-40# slam ball toss (lots, front and back)


7 KBS @ 53#
7 walking lunges (7 each leg) @ 75# (then 65#)
7 ab wheels

Friday - 4/11/2014

Clean & Jerk 2RM @ 195#


2 power cleans @ 155#
max effort strict chin ups