Benchmarks & PR's


Sunday - 6/15/2014 - CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification

Great CrossFit Level 1 weekend. I lost countless hours of sleep in the days prior to this - stressing about the material, the workouts and my injuries and age. Showed up to see Austin Malleolo teaching (lives right near my house) and Lindsay Forrest helping out (coaches at my box-away-from-my-box at CrossFit Max Effort in Las Vegas). Jennifer Hunter-Marshall from CrossFit Garden City presented a lot of the material - she is a naturally charismatic speaker and made the lectures entertaining and informative.

A great weekend. Now I just have to wait for test result at the end of the week.

Friday - 6/13/2014

Worked on dead lifts for a bit while the rest of the noon class worked on hang snatches (I miss snatches).

Every :90 x 10 rounds
5 TNG Power cleans
5 Front squats
Did this workout at 115#.

Thursday - 6/12/2014

Again, local programming did not favor my shoulder injury. I made up my own workout...

10-8-6-4-2-1-1 back squats
Add weight each round
Max unbroken double-unders between each set.
Started at 135#. Average double-unders were 35-40. Ended with a new PR of 315#

Wednesday - 6/11/2014

AMRAP 10 Warmup
1 minute Airdyne
10 burpees
6 bear complex @ 45#

Normal WOD was not OK for my shoulder. So I did this:

Front Squat Nancy

400m run
15 front squats @ 95#

Ab Challenge
100 situps for time
Finished in 5:45

Lastly, saw a fellow enthusiast on the highway today...

Tuesday - 6/10/2014

Back squats
3 x 8 # 30x1 (3 count down, 0 at the bottom, 1 at the top)
Worked up to 185# for the 3 sets of 8

1RM Power Clean

Worked up to 205# then tried 235# (to beat my current PR of 225#). Failed 2 attempts at 235#.

Power clean @ 90% of 1RM above
Finished 25 reps at 185#

Monday - 6/9/2014

The regular WOD at 2A was running, T2B, and OHS. Since my shoulder can't take anything but the running, I focused on adding volume for ProjectBarbell.

ProjectBarbell Update
Cleans: 11 @95#, 10 & 115#, 10 @ 135#
Deadlifts: 20 @ 135#, 20 @185#, 45 @ 225#
Back squats: 7 @ 100# (at the company gym)

Total for the day was 20,770#. Running total is 100,010#

ProjectBarbell 100K in a month is DONE!

Thursday - 6/5/2014

Goblet squats @ 33#
Dead lifts @ 155#
Box jumps @ 24"
20 minute time limit. Finished in 19:50!

Day 1 of 30 Day Abs
Max plank hold = 1:30
20 situps
10 Russian twists @ 33#
5 hollow rocks

ProjectBarbell Update
Deadlifts: 84 x 155#

Total for the day was 13,020#. Running total is 79,240#

Wednesday - 6/4/2014

Today's workout was scheduled to be pushing a sled and farmer's carry. My shoulder is having none of that. Instead, I did a long warmup run (just under a mile), and focused on #ProjectBarbell.

Before I get to the totals, I will note a deadlift PR of 320#.

Ron Lohse CrossFit deadlift 320 pounds

ProjectBarbell Update
Deadlift progression from 95# warmup up to PR of 320# - total volume was 11,015#
Back squats: 10 x 135#, 10 x 185#, 5 x 205#, 10 x 135 - total volume was 5,575#

Total for the day was 16,590#. Running total is 66,220#

Monday - 6/2/2014

Went back to see Dr. Rockett to review my MRI results. As expected, surgery in coming soon. Recovery sounds pretty tedious - 6 weeks in a sling and 6-8 months of rehab/strength recovery.

I had Laurie come with me so we could discuss the pros and cons of various treatment options. Dr. Rockett offered a few options: surgery on Monday, surgery on Tuesday, or Wednesday... This limited the discussion to what to expect afterward. It sounded like the long-term success is dependent on really immobilizing for the first six weeks and taking it slow.

For the curious, I have included a video of the procedure I am having done.

Northeast Regionals

I spent the weekend with Laurie and a rotating group of friends watching the Northeast Regionals.

As expected, there were several inspirational athlete stories that developed over the weekend. My main interest in the games was to see the team from CrossFit Free. I have competed at this box a few times, and I respect the dedication and effort they have put into two years of work towards developing a world class team. After getting knocked out on day one last year, they finished in the top 12 this year. This was a huge accomplishment despite not reaching their goal of top 3.

Ben Isabella was another great story, though I question the wisdom of his choice to finish the last workout. Ben is in amazing shape, but the rigors of three days took a heavy toll on his right shoulder and he completed the last workout (pull-ups and 205# OH squats) with an ace bandage barely holding him together.

Also during the weekend, I got some great photos. I have included the best below. Me with Dave Castro, Christmas Abbott, and getting photo bombed by friends in the stands. Good stuff.

However, the story of the weekend was Stacey Kroon.  After an unfortunate (coaching) misstep on event #1 (max hang squat snatch), Stacey was unable to get any score - if you miss a weight, you cannot drop down but can retry the same or heavier weight. After failing her weight 3 times, she was tied for last place (33rd).

After that, she was on the comeback trail. Stacey crushed each event for the rest of the weekend and returned to the top 12 before the last workouts on Sunday. She place 5th in 3 of the remaining events and then placed 3rd overall on the last workout. That propelled her to 9th place in the region. We can always do the math of what might have been if she had snatched 135-150# in event 1, but, ignoring that, Stacey put on an inspirational show of skill, effort, determination, grace and heart all weekend long. It was a pleasure to watch this unfold.

Watching Regionals has cranked me up, and I can't wait to get back to Carson, CA, to watch the Games in July!

Ron Lohse and Dave Castro

Ron Lohse and Christmas Abbott

Ron Lohse at 2014 CrossFit Northeast Regionals

Thursday - 5/29/2014

Woke up with an angry right knee. On top of my shoulder injury, I was saddened to see Fran scheduled for today. I know I can't do pull-ups right now. Squats were questionable and pushing overhead would need to be light.

I warmed up with a short run and lots of knee mobility. Did some squats to warm up me knee even more. At the last second, I decided to go for it with only 65# on the bar and ring rows instead of pull-ups.

21-15-9 reps of:
I did 65# thrusters and ring rows. This got all the thrusters unbroken and took one short rest in the 15 ring rows (between reps 10 and 11). Finished in 5:10. This was still a taxing workout, even with lots of scaling.

ProjectBarbell Update
Did 20 each of cleans, dead lifts, and back squats. All at 100#

Total for the day was 6,000#. Running total is 50,630#

Wednesday - 5/28/2914

4 minutes on the Airdyne

Squat cleans
15 minutes to work to a heavy 2
115 to 165#

5 Deadlifts
40 double unders
Did all this at 225#

Extra 10 dead lifts @ 225#

ProjectBarbell Update
Deadlifts 40 @ 225# = 9,000#.
Cleans 2 @115, 2 @ 135, 2 @ 155, 2 @ 175, and 2 @ 185# = 1530#

Total for the day was 10,530#. Running total is 44,630#

Tuesday - 5/27/2014

Taking it easy on my shoulder, so modified just about everything today.

Max GDH horizontal hold
Face up on the GHD, lean back to horizontal and hold like a plank as long as possible each minute. Started around 30 seconds for the first couple rounds, then fell off slowly. By the last few rounds was doing two short sets to keep working.

400m run
20 sit-ups
20 walking lunges
Finished 3 rounds plus 400m.

ProjectBarbell Update
Deadlifts and cleans. DL 10 @ 135#, 10 @ 185#, 10 @ 205#. Cleans 10 @135#.

Total for the day was 6,555#. Running total is 34,100#

Friday - 5/23/2014

Bad News
MRI results from yesterday: full thickness supraspinatus tear (1.3cm x 1.5cm). Laying of shoulder loading. Meeting with Dr. on June 2 to discuss treatment options.

Back Squats
Ascending and descending ladder of back squats.
135#, 185#, 205#, 225#, 205#, 185#, 135#

7 cal on Airdyne
20 second hollow hold

ProjectBarbell Update
Ascending and descending ladder of back squats (swapped out snatches for back squats due to the above mentioned injury).

Total for the day was 11,285#. Running total is 27,545#

Thursday - 5/22/2014

Rest day in anticipation of competition on Saturday.

Wednesday - 5/21/2014

Final Frontier - AMRAP 8
20 Wall balls (14# @ 10')
10 cleans @ 95#
5 dead lifts @ 135#
Finished 3 rounds and 20 more wall balls. This was a very challenging workout after the first round.

200m run
100m farmers carry (2x35# KB)

Tabata situps

ProjectBarbell Update
30 cleans @ 95 = 2850
15 deads @ 135 = 2025
10 cleans @ 100 = 1000
30 deads @ 150 = 4500

Total for the day was 10,375#. Running total is 16,260#

Lastly, here is the new t-shirt design for CrossFit 2A by Sara Casasanto. Love it!

CrossFit 2A logo by Sarah Casasanto

Tuesday - 5/20/2014

Rather than doing the prescribed workouts today, I focused on the first 2 WOD's for this coming Saturday's competition and CrossFit Southborough.

The Outset - 6 Minute Cap
Row 1000
35# Overhead Lunges
Score is number of lunges, row time is the tie breaker
Finished the row at 3:51. Completed 38 lunges. This got heavy after about 1:15 and I had to take a couple 3-5 second breaks. Did not put the plate on the ground (which is not allowed).

The Summit - 15 Minute Cap
40 Situps
30 KB Goblet Squats @ 53#
20 Push Press @ 95#
10 Bar Burpees
150 Single unders
10 Bar Burpees
20 Push Press @ 95#
30 KB Goblet Squats @ 53#
40 Situps
I finished the last situp right at 15:00. Push Presses took time: first set I did 4x5; second set was 6/6/8. Second set of goblet squats ate up a lot of time; did those as 5/5/10/10. I need to make sure I have almost 2 whole minutes to get the last 40 situps finished.

Did 5x5 dead lifts of 205# after class. Total for the day was 5,125#. Running total is 5,885#

100,000 Pounds in a month?

Chuck Miller shared a link on Facebook to ProjectBarbell. The writer is on a mission to lift a million pounds, but has challenged others to lift 100K. There is a free barbell as a prize. I don't need another barbell, but I am interested to see if I can do this.

The point is to pick 3 lifts and only count the volume (sets x reps x weight) lifted when performing those lifts. I have selected dead lifts, cleans, and snatches. I have an injured shoulder right now, so my snatches may not start right away and won't be heavy. I plan to explore some lifting programs to add some structure to these extra efforts.

I am counting today's workout as the first drops in the bucket... 8 sets of 1 rep of cleaning 95# = 760# so far.

Stay tuned for updates.

Monday - 5/19/2014

I was supposed to start with dips and pistols, but my shoulder hurts and my right knew was screaming about the pistols. So instead:

1 Ring Row
1 Front Squat @ 95#
1 Ring Row
2 Front Squats
1 Ring Row
3 Front Squats
...and continue going up from
I finished the round of 8 front squats and 1 more ring row.

Row 300m
20 DU
Finished 5 rounds plus rowed another 97 meters.

Tried a couple strict pull-ups after class. Not painful, but my left shoulder was too weak to do this.

Sunday - 5/18/2014

Competed with Olivia at CrossFit 2A's Spring Fling Partner Comp. A perfect day, and we hit the ground running. We had a great first WOD then hit the floater. First WOD had us get 100# clean and 3-rep squat (Olivia) and 215# for me (10# more than the weight I tried when I hurt my shoulder). We got 15 reps of Atlas stones (vs. 9 in practice). 

The second WOD was 50 reps of push-ups, box jumps, cleans/dead lifts, burpees then 50 single unders each. We finished in 8:06. We felt like we must have skipped something because we were faster than we expected and could have handled a bit more.

The last WOD was 2 minutes of situps then 5 minutes of KBS, lunges, and presses/cleans. We almost finished 6 rounds. Very happy with how we did.

We finished in 25th place (out of 47 teams). Big thanks to Olivia for stepping in at the last minute and doing such a great job!