Benchmarks & PR's


Monday - 8/4/2014

OTM 10
Odd: 7 45# one arm snatches
Even: 15 35# KBS
Grip killer - since I can only do this with my right arm.

10 RFT
10 step ups @ 20" (no push off from the trailing leg)
30 seconds on the Aidyne
This took quite a while. the step ups were hard and the Airdyne gassed me every round. When I was done, I couldn't get my sweaty sling off fast enough and I flopped on the floor. Below my head puddle, you can read the back of my shirt in my sweat angel.

Thursday - 7/31/2014

50 cal Airdyne buy in

20 Pole squats
20 KBS
1 minute hollow hold

50 cal Airdyne cash out

Finished in 17:40

Wednesday - 7/30/2014

Back from a week of traveling to Carson for the Games. Great trip, but it was very hot. Ready to get my leg workouts going again.

12 one arm DB snatches
5-10-15m suicide sprint

5 minutes rest

4 Rounds
Tire drag (45#) around the box
30 second hollow hold

Very satisfying sweat.

Tuesday - 7/22/2014

Nicole planned a torturous leg workout for me today. She called it F** My Legs. This was long, hot and very difficult. Finished in 38 minutes.

Monday - 7/21/2014

Back from surgery...

Can't lift my arm, and I am restricted to wearing a sling. Nicole set up some substitutions for me today:

Weighted box squats
Hang a KB between my legs and squat. Worked up to 44# KB. 5 x 15 reps.

KB Cleans
Worked up to 53# of clean + hang clean + clean + 10 KBS

Felt great to get back in the box!

Thursday - 7/10/2014

Last WOD before surgery.

The prescribed WOD was not for my shoulder, but Ethan did it. I did 50 squat cleans @ 115#.

Nicole (Bordenca)

5 squat cleans @ 105/155
10 pull-ups
5 squat cleans
10 T2B

Ethan scaled this to:
3 Wall walks
5 squat cleans @ 35#
5 pull-ups
5 squat cleans
5 K2E
He finished in just over 16 minutes. Managed to resist puking (it was close). He kept moving like a BOSS. Great stuff.

Ethan Lohse at CrossFit 2A age 12

Surgery is tomorrow morning. I am very apprehensive, but I am also ready to get it over with.

Wednesday - 7/9/2014

My anxiety level for my shoulder surgery on Friday is ramping up. I don't really fear anything about the surgery, but the recovery is daunting. Also, I have no idea how much or how little discomfort I will be in on Friday, Saturday, and the following several days. I know I am supposed to sleep sitting up with my arm immobilized. I tried that last night; it was horrible. I toss and turn a lot. Keeping still - even just my arm - is going to be very difficult.

I'm just complaining - it's not like I would not get this fixed. It is something to be endured (like Fight Gone Bad).

Sweaty Mess
800m run
50 Russian KBS
800m run
Ethan kicked my butt on this. I did the KBS at 44# so I could do them unbroken. It was 85° today and sweat was pouring off me. Ethan use 26# and broke it up into 5x10 - probably smarter.

3x10 GHD Back Extensions
3x10 Russian Twists

Double Tabata
16x:20 + :10 rest
Odd: single unders
Even: situps

We have an unknown, custom benchmark coming up tomorrow. I am guessing Handstand pushups, dead lifts, pull-ups and American KBS.

Tuesday - 7/8/2014

Work up to heavy 3 reps of squat clean
Got to 155#. Was planning for 175#, but that did not happen.

Odd: 3 squat cleans at the above weight
Even: 6 box jumps
Used 155# for 2 rounds, then 160# for the last 2.
Used 30" box for all jumps

While veryone else was working on the Pull-up Project, I did some leisurely hammer curls #SOGO!

Monday - 7/7/2014

Ethan's first real CrossFit visit. He's 12 and has been watching Katie and me CF for 2 years. He has picked up some skills in our garage. He was with me at work and joined me at CrossFit 2A. He did the regular workout with us (scaled, of course).

Hang Clean + 5 Push Press
Work up to max for the complex
I just did sets of 5 hang cleans. Worked up to 135#

Back Squats
8x3 with moderate weight and no more than :90 rest
I did this with 185#

400m Row
15 Push Up Burpees
I didn't do this at all. Instead I did 400m runs + 5 DL @ 225#

Friday - 6/27/2014

Last workout day before heading to Anguilla for the week. The regular programming was shoulder intensive, so I modified yesterday's and slogged through 30 minutes of sweat.

5 Dead lifts @ 225#
13 situps
9 box jumps @ 24"

I started with 2 rounds of ring rows, but those proved slow and painful for my shoulder, so I switched to situps. I ended up finishing 10 full rounds in 30 minutes.

Thursday - 6/26/2014

Rest Day

Watched US v Germany World Cup Game : Germany 1 - USA 0
USA advances to the next round.

Wednesday - 6/25/2014

3 Rounds
15 Front squats @ 75#
25 cal Airdyne
200m run
Rest 4:00

SOGO Challenge
60 hammer curls @ 25# each arm
40m farmers walk at each break
Finished in 3 sets of 20

Tuesday - 6/24/2014

Squat Clean Complex
Build to a 1RM hang squat clean + front squat + TNG squat clean
Worked from 115#, 135#, 155#, 165#, and 170#. Failed at 175#

Descending Ladder
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:
Double DB Hang Power Clean
GHD situps
Finished this in 10:35

Here's a shot of my car with the new 2A sticker. Love it!

Monday - 6/23/2014

3x400m run
1:30 rest between rounds
Finished in 8:43. Quite warm outside, very sweaty.

OTM 18
Odd: 8 burpees
Even: 10 Russian KBS
Did KBS at 35#. Did 6 burpees each minute for 6 rounds, then switched to goblet squats. Shoulder was a bit cranky so I did not press it harder.

Sunday - 6/22/2014


Late tonight I got the email I have been waiting for - I passed the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer class!

Saturday - 6/21/2014

Competition at CrossFit Lando

I went to watch Mike and Nicole Bordenca compete at Lando this weekend. This was a two-person team competition with some tough workouts, including a 7 minute AMRAP of partner Fran and a chipper that included 150 KBS, 75 box jump overs, and 50 weighted lunges.

Mike and Nicole ended up in the middle of the pack, but they gave everything they had in every workout. Very inspiring.

While I was there, I noticed an awesome tattoo. This guy's arm looks like the flesh has been torn away to reveal the Steampunk working that power his bones. Great stuff.

Thursday - 6/19/2014

Hang Squat Snatch
3x5 @ moderate weight
I went light on this. Warm-up 5 @ 75# then 7 @ 95#. 3x5 @ 95#.

Snatch Dead Lift
Find 10 RM
Worked from the 95# from the last exercise, to 115#, to 135#, to 10 @ 155#. Could have gone heavier, but time was running out and my shoulder was getting cranky.

100 Goblet Squats
Top of every minute = 3 burpees
Did this with 35# KB. Finished at 5:26. Fifth minute got to 95 reps, then had to do the 5:00 burpees and 5 more reps to finish it out.

Wednesday - 6/18/2014

Rest Day combo party in Stamford, CT. Good times and no injuries.

Tuesday - 6/17/14

20 DU
6 Ring Rows
Subbed the ring rows for C2B because of my shoulder. All DU unbroken except one (18+2).

400m run
30 KBS @ 35#
Used Russian KBS instead of American.

Monday - 6/16/2014

Clean complex
Build to a heavy hang clean + power clean + 3 front squats
Kept it light today. Did this at 95#, 135#, and 165#. Was still sore from the weekend, so I did not push it too hard.

Odd: 10 hand release push ups
Even: 200m run
This was a struggle, especially because my run was slow. I only had a few seconds between the end of my run and the start of the next round of push ups. The time between push ups and running was my only rest.

Here is the selfie I took with Austin Malleolo at the conclusion of the L1 certification class.