Benchmarks & PR's


Tuesday - 9/2/2014

3 RM
1-arm sumo dead lift
Worked up to 205#

EMOTM x 10
5 DB swings
5 DB high pull
5 DB hang snatch
5 DB goblet squats
Each round of this took almost 40 seconds. I dropped down to 3 reps of each for rounds 6, 7, 8, and 9.

Monday - 9/1/2014

Labor Day brought with it a grueling hero WOD at CrossFit 2A. We took on Hotshots 19. This is:

30 Air squats
19 Cleans (135/95)
7 Strict pull-ups
400m run

Because I am still recovering from my shoulder surgery, by WOD was modified to:

30 Air squats
19 1-arm KBS @ 35#
7 Flags
400m run

I got through 3 rounds before fatigue set in. Rounds four and five ended with the urge to purge. Had to take a significant break before finishing round six. Finished the whole workout in 48:54.

Added a couple miles on the bike when I got home.

I have continued to eat very pure Paleo. I weighed myself at 2A and that scale tells me I lost almost 10 pounds last week. I will check it again tomorrow (some of that weight loss may have been due to the 48 minute WOD). However, I have not cheated, yet, and I don't plan to start.

Thursday - 8/28/2014

5 Rounds
10 dumbbell bent over row (right arm only)
10 dumbbell bench (1-arm)
10 shoulder to overhead (1-arm)
10 flags

Goblet squat (35#)
Finished very fast, so wrapped up with a 1 mile run.

Wednesday - 8/27/2014

Three back-to-back metcons today:

10 step-ups (24")
300m row (1-hand)

rest 5 minutes

10 1-arm KB snatch (30#)
10 cal Airdyne

rest 5 minutes

200m run
10 jump squats

Day two of the new Paleo Challenge has me still on track with pure eating. No weight change, yet.

Tuesday - 8/26/2014

10 minutes
Max GHD Hollow Holds

3 One-hand SDHP @ 125#
10 One-hand Hammer Curls @ 25#
The curls were just for fun with Frank and Jim.

400m run
30-20-10 of
    1-arm KBS @ 35#
    Abmat sit-ups
400m run
Finished in 9:24. Everything unbroken. Felt great, but this was a tough workout.

Started an unexpected 30-day Paleo Challenge with a handful of 2A people. We are testing out the Paleo Challenge App to see if it will be doable for the whole box. I need this badly - got to get food and drink under control and get my weight back down.

Monday - 8/25/2014

Box Squats

Did 5 @70#, 10 @ 105#, and 15 @ 114#. The limiting factor for this is how big the kettlebells are that hang between my legs and the pressure that pushes the chain into my inner thigh as I squat. I really want to get shoulder mobility back so that I can support a bar across my shoulders.

24 Weighted walking lunges
:30 hollow hold
Finished six rounds of this. I started with a 26# KB, but had to drop down to 18# when my shoulder was too fatigued to hold it overhead.

Sunday - 8/24/2014

I went up to Lowell to watch the Boston Iron vs Miami Surge in the new NPGL (National Pro Grid League). This is a 2-hour competition that uses a relay race format to cycle athletes through workouts that are laid out in a grid. Station 1 might be dead lifts, 2 is pull-ups, 3 is burpees to a target, and 4 might be box jumps. The exercises change with each race.

The Boston Iron team includes Stacey Kroon, Dani Horan, Jessa Lamoine, Spencer Hendel, Paul Teehan, and several others.

It was exciting to watch, but it was clear by halftime that Boston was outmatched. There were plenty of exciting moments and amazing athletic efforts. I was glad I went to see it - I hope this catches on so there will be more of these.

Saturday - 8/23/14

I watched the first competition at CrossFit Craic's new box in Westwood, MA. This was in in-house throwdown with mixed partners. The interesting part was that partners were assigned randomly - everyone signed up individually and were paired up 1 day before the comp.

The WODs were not really difficult because there were no divisions. Everything was essentially designed for a scaled athlete. Many of Craic's big guns tore through these workouts.

Friday - 8/22/2014

1-Arm Isabel
30 Snatches for time (40#)
This was heavy on my right shoulder, but light on my legs. Unbroken = 1:36

OTM 12
Odd: Airdyne sprint for :40
Even: Max GHD hollow hold
Because the clock was not running for me, this turned into 6 rounds not really for time. I tried to keep moving the whole time. Pushed the last AD hard and felt it in my legs for quite a while after.

I other news, today was the start of week 7 since shoulder surgery - I am officially out of my sling! Started the next phase of rehab early this morning and got my arm into some new positions (behind my back, straight overhead, and both hands behind my head like I was lounging in a chair). A fair amount of new pain from pushes the edges of my mobility, but it was all good. Felt great to start moving it around a bit more.

Thursday - 8/21/2014

While everyone else did "Helen," I had my one-armed version of Helen:

400m Run
12 1-arm KBS @ 35#
21 pole squats (air squats in front of a pole for stabilization)
Finished in 11:19

Then we had a cash out:

10 step ups
:30 hollow hold
I did not watch the clock on this one, just kept moving and sweating until I was done.

Today is supposed to be my last day in a sling. I tried a short jog around the building after class without it. It did not hurt, so I am cautiously optimistic.

Tuesday - 8/19/2014

10 1-arm DB snatch (40#)
200m Run
:30 hollow hold

20 cal Airdyne
10 flags
My legs and butt are still hurting from the 400m walking lunges yesterday, so today was 2 moderate (yet sweaty) workouts. Everyone else was doing back squats, rowing and push-ups. I miss those days already.

Monday - 8/18/2014

10 1-arm KBS (35#)
7 box jumps
5 DB row (35#)
I cruised through this - I lost track, but I think I did six rounds.

400m Walking Lunges

This was a 25 minute leg burner. Ashley came back after her WOD to lunge out the last 75m with me. Thanks!

400meterlunge from Ronald Lohse on Vimeo.

Thursday - 8/14/2014

100 Flags
100 flags (leg raises on the bench)
Stop every :90 to do 5 one-arm sumo deadlifts of 95#
Finished in 13:02

1 Mile Run
Stop every minute to do 5 squats
This was awful and took 12 minutes. Seemed like I made no distance before I had to stop and squat again.

Wednesday - 8/13/2014

Row Your Fingers Off
2 rounds of:
1x500m row
2x300m row
3x200m row
This took me 32 minutes to complete with one hand. Everyone else was done when I had the last 3x200 left. I taped sections of my middle finger that went through the U bolt in the handle, but still got blisters on fingers 1 and 3.

After rowing, practiced some one-handed Sumo Deadlifts. I think I have the form - we are going to crank that up tomorrow.

It's Official!

Got my CF-L1 certificate in the mail last night!

Ron Lohse CrossFit Certified Trainer

Tuesday - 8/12/2014

OTM 12
Odd: 40 seconds all out on Airdyne
Even: 30 seconds of 1-arm KBS @ 35#
Rest 5:00

1 lap around building dragging a tire w/25# plate
20 pole squats
10 flags
20m walking lunges
The OTM got me good and sweaty. After the first round of the tire drag to lunges I though I would not be able to finish. The lunges wiped me out in each round. The tire drag got slower and slower. The squats were the only real recovery time. Very tough 4 rounds.

Monday - 8/11/2014

Weighted Box Dips (70# KB)
Ended up doing many more than 5 sets while waiting for the regular strength workout to end.

9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
1 arm dumbell thrusters (30#)
Box step-ups (24")
Killed this in 5:24. I was sweating a lot when this was done, but I felt too good during the whole thing. Makes me think the thrusters should have been heavier. However, using just one arm means the weight in the squat will always bee too light. I may have been able to tire out my arm more, but that would have been the limiting factor in this workout.

After class, did the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS. Video is on FB. Here is the glory shot, though.

Thursday - 8/7/2014

2A Triathlon
2k one-handed row
200 cal Airdyne
1 mile run
Finished the row in 10:28, bike took over 16 minutes to get me to 27 minutes, then a slow 13 minute mile (legs were wasted by then, and running with one arm pumping sucks). 40:26 total.

Wednesday - 8/6/2014

800m run
Stretches and squats

6 Rounds
200m sprint
1 minute rest

Double Tabata
Odd: Pole squats
Even: Airdyne

This was very hard. My thighs were burning after 2 rounds. However, this is just what I need. Afterwards, had to get my sweaty sling off to cool off.

Tuesday - 8/5/2014

10 split squates each lege
30 second hollow hold

1 lap around building
5 flags
10 walking lunges
Finished 6 rounds and then did some extra flags with the last 20 seconds.