Benchmarks & PR's


Monday - 10/6/2014

5 power cleans @ 95#
Everyone else was doing 2 clean and jerks, but my shoulder won't allow that, yet.

250m row
Max Russian KBS @44#
rest 5:00

For time:
Russian KBS @44# (as many as completed in the AMRAP)
750m row
Goal was to finish in less than 5 minutes (faster than AMRAP). I got 40 KBS in the AMRAP, but felt well rested for round 2 and got those unbroken. Row was comfortable, so I finished well under the 5 minute limit.

Frank and Clark got way too many burpees (no KBS for them), so they were dying in round 2.

Thursday - 9/2/2014

EMOM x 8
2 TNG Cleans @ 85#

5 RM
Sumo Deadlift
Worked up to 5 @ 245#, then got 2 @ 255#.

While the rest of the class took on "Karen," I did 150 reps of back squats @ 65#. Finished in 9:15.

Wednesday - 10/1/2014

Rest day

Tuesday - 9/30/2014

3RM Cleans

Most of the athletes worked up to a touch-n-go 3 rep max clean today. I modified this just to get some light cleans in (105#). This warmed up my left shoulder nicely.

1-Leg Deadlifts
3 rounds of 10 1-leg DL each leg
Total of 30 DL on each leg

2-arm Russian KB swings
24" box jump overs
GHD situps
The first round of situps took the longest. Otherwise, I was happy with my ability to keep moving.

10 back squats @ 105#
30 shrugs with 2 15# dumbbells

Also, I have new Therabands attached to my desk at Kayak to work on internal and external rotation of my left shoulder.

Monday - 9/29/2014

5 minutes of jump rope

I still have to focus on single unders as DU hurts my shoulder too much. I did get about 10 DU after the 5 minutes when my shoulder was warmed up.

3x8 Front Squat

65% of 1RM
This was the first time I loaded a bar in the rack position since surgery. It hurt a bit just pressing down on my shoulder, but I was able to tolerate up to 165#. This is not quite 65% of my old 270# 1RM, but for my first attempt, I will take it.

5 Front Squats @ 95#
10 box jumps @ 24"
200m run
I finished 5 full rounds plus 4 more front squats.

Overall, it felt great to start getting back to doing most of the WOD without modification.

Friday - 9/26/2014

Visited Dr. Rockett this morning and got cleared for a bunch of new stuff including bands for internal and external rotation, rowing, light presses, front and back squats.

Back squats
Work up to heavy 1
Got 5 reps of 95#, 135#, 185#, and 225#. The 1 rep each of 245# and 255#. Nowhere close to my real 1RM of 315#, but for 12 weeks off of squats, I will take it.

OTM 10
odd: Row 1 minute
even: Alternating step ups

Wednesday - 9/24/2014

7 rounds
40m sled push or tire pull
15 box jumps
1:00 single unders

4 x 100m sprint
rest 1:1

Tuesday - 9/23/2014

12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Box jumps at 24"
1-arm KB swings @ 44#
This was a great warmup. Everyone else was doing pull-ups, dips and dead lifts. My work took much longer than theirs, but I kept moving and felt good when it was done.

15 hollow rocks
1 minute of single unders
Very sweaty. Took just over 10 minutes.

Tabata Airdyne

Nice burn to end the hour.

Monday - 9/22/2014

5 x 6
RDL @ 155#

1 lap around the building
20 goblet squats @ 26#
5 flags
Finished 5 full rounds plus one lap around the building.

Thursday - 9/18/2014

Big news today was that I did some front squats with the bar in a real front rack position. Shoulder felt great. I only used the empty 45# bar, but it was great to get that much mobility back.

I did 5 x 15 front squats while everyone else was working on Thrusters.

We then had kettlebell Isabel. I did 60 55# dumbbell snatches. Cruised through these, but I was sweating and panting by the end.

Cash out was 3:00 accumulated hollow holds. I did 1 minute, :30, :30, and another 1 minute.

Wednesday - 9/17/2014

5 GHD sit-ups
7 box jumps
42 single-unders
Finished 6 full rounds

300m row
200m run
10 goblet squats @ 44#
Finished 3 full rounds plus 75m rowing. The big news was that I was able to use my left arm for some of the rowing. I worked in slowly, testing each increase in load before adding on. I ended the last two rows with both hands on the rowing handle in the normal position. Awesome!

Tuesday - 9/16/2014

4 Rounds (not for time)
10 step-ups each leg with 26# KB in each hand
Focused on pushing up with the landing leg and not launching my self from the trailing foot.

10 2-minute Rounds
Odd: 25 goblet squats (35#)
Even: 30 Russian Twists (18#)
Work 1:00/Rest 1:00 each round

Monday - 9/15/2014

5 x 8
RDL (2 @ 95#, 3 @ 105#)

50 1-arm KBS @ 35#
10 GHD sit-ups

Friday - 9/12/2014

5 1-arm DB snatch @ 45#

box jumps
Killed this workout. All this ab and leg work is finally paying off.


I still hate doing these. Most of the running time I spend thinking, "Don't wreck your knees. Don't wreck your knees."

Thursday - 9/11/2014

5 x 8
RDL @ 95#
Just to warm up the legs for the coming storm.

50 KBS @ 35#
400m run
Unbroken. 3:52

6 rounds
:30 GHD face-up hollow holds

Wednesday - 9/10/2014

5 x 8
DB Press
DB bent over row
Right arm only. 35# DB.

400m run
30 sit-ups
15 box jumps
This WOD felt great. The big story, though, was that I added real box jumps (not step-ups) to the list of exercises that I can do without killing my shoulder. It was not that long ago that any jumping or landing would send searing pain throughout my left shoulder. All better now.

Tuesday - 9/9/2014

4 x 10
First time lifting a bar with the new shoulder. Just went to 55#, but felt great to get back on the bar.

40m tire drag
max hollow hold
Got 6 rounds done. Tire weight varied from 45# to 55#. Hollow hold started at 1:05, then 4 rounds of over :30, last round was tough and ended around :25.

Monday - 9/8/2014

7 Rounds
5 goblet squats
10 goblet lunges
10 goblet step-ups
Did most of this with a 35# KB. Did one round with a 44#.

5 Rounds
200m sprint
walk back to start
This was a gasser every round. Thanks to Robin for pushing me and for the race in the last round; keeps me moving!

Thursday - 9/4/2014

15 Minute Airdyne
:30 sprint
:30 rest
This was a leg burner. Made even worse by...

20 sandbag shoulder walking lunges (switch sides after 10 steps)
10 flags
My thighs were smoked after these two workouts. We finished off with some tabata side planks. I was sweatng so much, I kept slipping of the AbMat I was using for elbow cushioning.

Wednesday - 9/3/2014

8 x 100m Sprints

Worked out with Boomie. The two of use were supposed to run at 85-90% effort up the 100m hill from the bottom of the parking lot to the garage doors behind CrossFit 2A. Then walk back and do it again as soon as we get back to the start line. We did this, but I felt great and was going 100% each time. I may have even run faster than I can actually run. :-)

:20 hollow hold
10 sit-ups
:20 goblet squat hold (at the bottom)
Finished six rounds.