Benchmarks & PR's


Friday - 1/30/2015

Pistol Practice


2 Back squats @ 215#
Could have gone heavier, but was tapering for tomorrow's competition.

Worked on RDLs for a bit, the bottom-up back squats. Then spend about 15 minutes working on squat clean form with light weight.

Still got a good sweat on.

Here, the rowers from CrossFit Boston are trying to make a run for it

Thursday - 1/29/2015

DU Practice

Unlike a couple days again, my jump roping was totally on today. I was able to cruise through the singles, single legs, running man, 5 singles and 1 double, and a minute of doubles.

Bench press
Worked up to 175#. Got 3 reps at 180#. My existing 1RM was 190#, so I feel good about these numbers.

Bench press at 90% of above.
That was too heavy; I had to drop some weight to get all 5 reps.

15 Sit-ups
15 Power snatches @ 65#
30 Double unders
Finished just under the time cap at 15:41.  Best part of this was getting all 5 sets of 30 DU unbroken. Jump rope was on today for some reason.

Here I am with the mighty Sam Dancer at the ECC last weekend. Below that is his 655# deadlift from the Games last summer. The family and I were a few rows back in the stands for this amazing lift.

Wednesday - 1/28/2015

1 RM
Squat Clean
Worked up to 230#. New PR by 5#


Thruster @ 95#
I had to do banded pull-ups because my shoulder could not take real ones. I finished in 10:10. This was only 15 seconds slower than the last time I did it Rx (before shoulder injury). I am still happy with the work I put in. Getting stringer every week.

Here I am with Andrea Ager last weekend.

Monday - 1/26/2015

10 minutes of jump rope warmup. I knew I was in trouble from the start; even my single under jumps were gone today.


Front squat

Worked up to 215#


2 Front squats @ 90% of 3RM (195# for me)


GDH raises


Double unders
Sit ups

My DU were gone, so it took a long time to finish. We were supposed to have a 10 miute cap, but I kept going and finished in 12:42.

Best part of ECC this past weekend was the spotlight clean & jerk elimination rounds. Great stuff! Lindsey Valenzuela won the event.


Wednesday - 1/21/2014

1 RM


Worked up to 185#. This was a PR by 30# - huge!

Double Grace

60 Clean & Jerks for time @ 135#

Finished the first 30 reps (Grace) in 5:55 - taking more than 1:30 off my old PR (7:28).
Finished double Grace in 12:49. I won't be going to the Games anytime soon, but I was happy with finishing this Rx.

Saturday - 1/17/2015

Partner WOD with Bob Musto.


30 Clean & Jerks @ 135
150 Wall Balls @ 20#

We finished 1 round plus 30 more C&J and 75 more wall balls. Wall balls were the time suck here. Probably should have done sets of 5 the first round rather than sets of 10. We did not have much left in the tank for round 2.

Friday - 1/16/2015

3 RM

Front Squat

3 Rounds

3 Front squats @ 90%
RDL 3?6-8 @ 3020 tempo


10 WB (20/14#)
10 BJ (24/20″)
10 OH Kb (2/1.5pood)

Thursday - 1/15/2015

10 Minutes of TGU practice

5 RM

Push Press

Worked up to 125#

3 Rounds

5 push press @ 90%
ME dips

Did this at 115#

2 Rounds of AMRAP 8

10 Push press @ 60%
10 Pistols
30 DU

Got 2 rounds + 10 reps in the first round, then 2 rounds + 11 reps the second round

Wednesday - 1/14/2015

Crazy running warmup
Run 10m x (minutes)
Run 10m the 1st minute (and do some stretching/mobility for the rest of the minute)
Run 10m twice the 2nd minute
Run 10m three times the 3rd minute
Continue this pattern up to the 10th minute

Worked up to 295#. Need to focus on keeping my back flat as the weight gets heavy.

Bergeron Beep Test
7 thrusters
7 pull-ups
7 burpees
When you can't complete a round, you're done.
I did 65# thrusters, ring-rows, and burpees and still could only finish 2+ rounds.

Partner Bergeron Beep Test
Same as above, but alternate minutes with a partner (rest) and do 7 rounds no matter what happens.
I did way better with the rest built in.

Plank hold practice
Held for 1:16. Need to work that number up over the next 3 weeks to be prepared for competition on the 31st.

Tuesday - 1/13/2015

DU Practice

We did an interesting 5 minute warmup with an eye toward improving double unders. 1 minute of singles, 1 minute of singles with varying single leg techniques (left/right, high knees, running, etc), 1 minute switching up 2-foot positions (side to side, back and forth), then 2 minutes of double under work.

Back squat
Worked up to 265#

3 Rounds NFT
5 back squats @ 225#
8-10 GHD raises

6 Rounds
1 minute max effort wall balls
:90 rest
Finished with 121 reps using 15# ball.

Monday - 1/12/2015

Today's workouts at CrossFit Boston hit all my weaknesses. We were supposed to hit muscle ups, bar muscle ups, and pistols. My shoulder is not ready for either kind of MU, and my knees can't tolerate pistols. I subbed a lot.

MU Practice
Ring rows, push-ups, transition practice

Worked up to 205#.

Clean pull using the weight above (205#)
5 second descent for each rep (like a slow reverse deadlift)

10 Ring rows
10 Dips
5 back leg raised single leg lunges (+30#)
15 KBS (34#)
I finished 2 full rounds plus 10 more ring rows.

I did practice a little bit of kipping practice just to see how my shoulder would like it. Not terrible, but not strong, either.

We had a drop in, too. This is April and she was amazing!

Thursday - 1/8/2015

Front squat
Worked up to a new PR @ 275#

1 thruster @ 115#
4 burpees over the bar

Wednesday - 1/7/2015

The warm-up at CrossFit Boston was fun and different today. The call it "rowling." On a rower, pull for 100m, but the trick is to get the rower to be dead stopped at 100m - no extra spinout after that. Depending on your pace, you may need to stop pulling at 78m, or 85m, etc. The number of meters above or below 100 becomes your score.

We "rowled" several frames and each frame's score was translated into a number of reps of another movement. So first frame, I rowled a 2 so I have to do 2 toes-to-bar. Later I rowled a 5 for the round of cleans and pull-ups. I got to "strikes" - rowling exactly 100m.

Worked up to 145# today. I jumped to 170# after that because we were running out of time. Missed that lift. Another day.

60 cal row
50 toes-to-bar
40 wall balls
30 cleans
20 MU
I got to the cleans and finished 13 of them before time ran out (14:00)

New Box Today - 1/6/2015

I went over to CrossFit Boston today for an assessment appointment. Their on-ramp procedure start with a 1-on-1 meeting with a coach to gauge your fitness, mobility, strength and general preparedness for joining regular classes. This included things like a 500m row, OH squats, reviewing Oly lifts, pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and an air squat tabata.

I felt like I did relatively well. I got the go ahead to start regular classes immediately. I am looking forward to this new chapter starting at noon tomorrow.

Monday - 1/5/2015

Dropped in at CrossFit Kendall Square. This box is inside the Cambridge Athletic Club and is a reclaimed racquetball court. The current class maximum is 7 athletes. They are adding some space very soon which will allow up to 12 athletes per class.

Clean Pulls

odd: 1 clean pull + 1 power clean + 1 hang clean
even: 10 burpees
Burpees suck. Did you know that?

5 DB squat cleans
7 box jumps
10 alternating DB snatches
11 AbMat situps
I finished 3 rounds and got to the situps in the 4th round.

On the walk back to the office, I stopped in to see what food options were available at the Galleria Mall. Deep Joy!

Weekend Foundations

Spent Saturday and Sunday morning teaching Foundations at CrossFit 2A. The more I do it, the more I really hope to spend more time on it. I am also thinking about which certification(s) I should pursue next. Mobility, Gymnastics, and Kids are good candidates right now.

Waiting for Boston

I contacted CrossFit Boston a while ago. They are in the process of moving, and I think that has impacted their responsiveness. I got an email from the owner saying, "send me your number and we'll schedule an assessment." I did, but it has been many days with no response. I sent another email and sent their own "contact us" form. 

I am stressing about this because, starting tomorrow, I officially have no box to WOD at lunchtime. I may try to drop in, tomorrow, but I really want to get things started the right way and get going.

Friday - 1/2/2015

Katie and I headed up to 2A for a 9:30AM class. We met up with Ashley there since she and I will not be getting too many chances to work out together after the 5th.

OH split squat

Using a light bar and in a split position, lower and raise your hips to 90 degrees.

Split Jerk

Worked up to 115#. Wanted to go heavier, but my shoulder was unwilling.

300m row
7 burpee box jump overs

This was horrible (in a good way). I was a puddle after the burpees - the row was not much f a rest, either.

Thursday 1/1/2015

Happy New Year!

Got a WOD in at 5:30pm at 2A.

Rope Climb technique

15 RFT
1 Power clean (135#)
1 Rope climb
Finished this in 17:45 with lots of encouragement from Mike. I was spent after 7 rounds, but I tried to keep a pace and finished all 15.

Travel WODs - 12/22/2014 and 12/23/2014

The whole family went to NJ for the holidays. Between Anniversary (22nd), trip to NYC (23rd), and Christmas Eve church and party (24th), Katie and I managed to get over to CrossFit Mount Laurel a couple times. Turns out it was a good week to go. To end the year, they were focusing on 1RM lifts and moderate metcons.

The 22nd was 1RM clean & jerks. My old mark was 195#. Working with a partner, I got up to 200# and missed the jerk on 205# twice.

The 23rd was snatches. I hit 155# without a problem, but I couldn't get under anything heavier. I think this is mostly mental and a result of worrying about my weak left shoulder.

It was great to get back to Mount Laurel and visit with coach Lauren (and coach Tommy for a bit). I last saw Lauren at my CrossFit Weightlifting certification. We stayed in touch so that we could coordinate schedules and get a workout in together.