Benchmarks & PR's


Saturday - 3/7/2015

Opens Workout 15.2
3 minutes to complete 2 rounds of:
6 OHS @ 65#
6 Pull-ups
3 minutes to complete 2 rounds of:
8 OHS @ 65#
8 Pull-ups
3 minutes to complete 2 rounds of:
10 OHS @ 65#
10 Pull-ups
3 minutes to complete 2 rounds of:
12 OHS @ 65#
12 Pull-ups
I finished 12 OHS, 12 Pull-ups, and 12 more OHS. Finished with a score of 132.
This workout had me thinking I would do very poorly because I really have not had pull-ups since my shoulder surgery. The great thing about the Opens and the large group of athletes competing together and having a judge is how much adrenaline gets pumping at 3-2-1-Go! I was able to get 2 rounds of 6 pull-ups unbroken, then I did the 8's as 2 sets of 4 each. 10's were harder, but I got 7, then 3 for the first set, then 5, 4 and 1 for the second. The last set of 12 was sets of 3. I was completely gassed by then and ran out of time. The OHS were light for me and I did all of those unbroken.

I had grand plans about going to CrossFit Boston on Sunday for a partnered version of Filthy 50, but by Sunday morning, my whole upper body was sore, and I knew I needed a rest day.

Friday - 3/6/2015

Open Gym
Worked on stuff to get ready for 15.2

March Rowing
Today: 2000m
Total: 13,000m

Thursday - 3/5/2015

I started with a 1k row before class. When class started, we did more rowing and a bunch of barbell work. Then we did a progression of cleans to get ready for the first workout. I only mention all this because my legs were already too tired when we started...

Worked from 135#, to 185#, then 225#. My existing PR is 230#, so I went for 235# a few times. I did not succeed. I got the bar high enough, but did not get myself low enough nor in the best position to catch the bar. I kept dumping it out front. Later I tried to clean & jerk 225# (which would have been a big PR), but I couldn't clean the weight by then.

3 rounds
3-5 cleans @ 135#
This was a quick cash out to get a little more sweat and form practice.

I added more rowing after class to get my total distance to 2500 for the day.

March Rowing
Today: 2500m
Total: 11,000m

Wednesday - 3/4/2015

Tried to make it to CrossFit Boston for the noon class, but city traffic was tough and I got there closer to 12:15. So rather than regular class, I warmed up with a long 2500m row then worked on dead lifts.

New PR of 325# after working up from 135, 185, 225, 275, and 320 (which was already a 5# PR).

March Rowing
Today: 2500m
Total: 8500m

Tuesday - 3/3/2015

Rope climb practice

20 DU
10 Sit-ups
Finished 4 rounds plus 4 more DU.

Rest 5:00

5 wall climbs
5 burpees
Finished 1 round and one more wall climb before my left shoulder said "no more." Finished the last couple minutes with lots of burpees.

March Rowing
Today: 1600m
Total: 6000m

Here's a picture from 15.1. It's me levitating the bar during the snatches. Much easier to lift the bar with my mind rather than hips and arms.

Monday - 3/2/2015

3 snatches
15 OHS
500m row
Did this at 75# to save my left shoulder. May have been able to go a bit heavier as I got all the snatches and OHS unbroken. Rowing was the real challenge for me. I am focusing on rowing for the month of March, so this was a good start for me. Finished under the 20 minute time cap at 18:57. Ron pond followed.

March Rowing
Today: 3400m
Total: 3400m

Saturday - 2/28/2015

Opens 15.1


15 knee raises
10 dadlifts
5 snatches
85# on the barbell.

1RM in 6 Minutes
Max clean & jerk
I chose to do the opens scaled. I know my shoulder is not ready for full competition, so this is a safe avenue for me.

I finished 176 reps for 15.1 and got a new PR of 210# on the clean and jerk.

Thursday - 2/26/2015

Traffic in Boston has been terrible for 4 weeks now. Today it was that much worse because it made me miss 12 minutes of CrossFit - this would have translated into a 60 burpee late charge - on top of the burpees that were already programmed for today. Sooo....

Open Gym For Me
I used the hour to work on double unders, max box jumps, and a short burner:

For Time
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Deadlifts @ 135#
10 sit-ups after each round of deadlifts.

Wednesday - 2/25/2015

Front squat
Worked up to a new PR of 285# (up from 275# last month)

Bench press
Worked up to a new PR of 205# (up from 190#, but that number was quite old)
Worked both of these PRs with Neal Thompson. It was our first time partnering up, and clearly it worked out well for me.

8 power snatches (65#)
10 Walking lunges (65#)
12 burpees over the bar
Finished this in 8:39. the burpees were the limiting factor. I got gassed early on by those.

Tuesday - 2/24/2015

2 High hang power cleans
2 Hang power cleans
2 Power cleans

2 High hang squat cleans
2 Hang squat cleans
2 Squat cleans

8 Power cleans
8 Pull-ups
Did this at 135#

Rest 5:00

8 Hang squat cleans
16 Double unders
Did this at 115#

Monday - 2/23/2015

Min 1: 5 strict pull-ups
Min 2: Max handstand hold
Min 3: 150m row (rowling for music)
I won the rowling part of this, so we all got to listen to Deadmau5 for the class.


2,2,2 push press
1 min rest
2,2,2 HSPU with a 31x pace

3 pistols each leg
3 manmakers (push press, push-up, row right, push-up, row-left, push-up, clean, repeat)
Finished 4 rounds plus 5 reps.

Extra credit
Row 1000m.
Starting to build up rowing tolerance so I can start a rowing challenge next month. I want to be able to do about 2500m extra rowing each day so I can total 50km for the month of March.

Saturday - 2/21/2015

Cougars and Cradle Robbers competition

Worked through 4 workouts plus a floater with Katie. We had fun and did better in most movements than our practice runs. Katie reached a 185# dead lift that had been eluding her. Good times, but very suspect judging - workout standards were not enforced and many teams were getting away with serious modifications. Either way, we got our sweat on all day.

Wednesday - 2/18/2015

Worked out with Katie. Practiced various parts of our upcoming partner competition. We made time to do this at CrossFit A297 in Aruba. Thanks to Leroy for having us.

Thursday - 2/12/2015

500m row, then...
3 rounds
20 DU
10 Open & unders
8 inchworm push-ups

Snatch pull, hang snatch, OHS


10 OHS @95
8 Dips
6 K2E
Finished 5 rounds plus 5 reps

1 rope climb
The ropes at CFB are new and slippery nylon - very challenging to climb. Also, they are very high, I think - around 20 feet.

Another shot of Stacie:

Wednesday - 2/11/2015

Split Jerk off the rack
Worked up to a new PR of 205#. Could probably do more, but ran out of time. Also, I need to work on getting deeper under the bar; most of my lifts finished too high.

Odd: Max wall balls
Even: 200m row
Total was 105 wall balls.

Tuesday - 2/10/2015

Open Gym

Went to Craic to practice various WODs for the competition this weekend and the partner comp with Katie the following weekend. Worked through 3 different events and then spent a bit more time on pull-ups.

Saturday - 2/7/2015

Partner WOD with Bob Musto.

Minutes 1-8
max rep bear* complexes 65/95, alternating
Minutes 8-16
10 cal row
10 push ups
only one partner works at a time
Minutes 16-24
10 KBS
10 goblet squats
One partner working a time

Thursday - 2/5/2015

Kipping practice

Lots of hollow holds, hollow rocks, superman holds, then some kipping. Felt pretty good on my shoulder. Got several pull-ups in, too. I need to work up to a high number of reps over the next couple weeks - pull-ups coming in competition and in the Opens.

7 RFT (15 minute cap)
3 Forward rolls
5 Wall walks (subbed inchworm push-ups)
7 T2B (Did those!)
9 box jumps (24")
I finished 5 rounds plus 4 more reps. The T2B actually took the most out of me. I was a little worried about my shoulder after round 3, but rounds 4 and 5 were fine.

Rowing Intervals

Here is a nice shot of my inspiration - Stacie Tovar.

Wednesday - 2/4/2014

After 3 days in the house under several feet of snow, I finally made it to the office today. That meant I was able to get over to CrossFit Boston for a much needed workout.

Back squat
I went heavy on squats on Saturday, so I did not go crazy today. I worked up from 135#, to 225#, 255#, and finished at 275# for 3 reps.

12 Med ball cleans (20#)
6 strict dumbbell presses (20# x 2)
20 DU
This WOD was pretty much in my wheelhouse. I finished 5 rounds + 3 reps. The Rx WOD was handstand pushups instead of the strict press. I tried a few - and even pushed out several, but I knew my shoulder was not ready for rounds and reps of those.

A little inspiration: Stacie Tovar at ECC working on snatches with the Dream Team.

Saturday - 1/31/2015

Competed in the CrossFit 2A in-house team throwdown today. It was great fun - made even better because our team won! Many thanks to Drew Clarke and Tony Cassasanto - awesome teammates. We worked our strategy well to maximize point in each event. I am proud to have been a part of it!