Benchmarks & PR's


Tuesday - 5/19/2015


Heaving snatch balance: worked up to 1RM of 125# (still catching too high then squatting)

3x2 Heaving snatch balance @ 105#

Strict press: 1x3 @ 145#, then 2x3 @ 135#
5x10 Strict press @ 105#

5x8 Curls with the curling bar + 30#

Monday - 5/18/2015


I was supposed to work on back squats today, but my left knee has started giving me fits (enough so I have made an appointment with Dr. Rockett for June 5th). I rode the Airdyne for a while, tried to do some double-unders, then some light back squats. No Go.

Switched to bench press and curls. Worked up to a new 1RM PR on the bench at 220#. I am so close to the magical 225#! To help toward that end, I dropped the weight down to 135 and did 5x10 at that weight with dumbbell curls in between.

I smashed out around my knee with a barbell for a bit to try to get loose, but the pain persists today.

Monday - 5/11/2015


Snatch 1RM @ 155# (not a PR)
Clean & Jerk 1RM @ 205# (not a PR)

Here is a slo-mo video of a clean & jerk @195#. I beat myself up about the flaws in this lift (but only in the beginning, middle, and end), but it actually felt pretty good going up. I wish I had way more time to work on these lifts.

CJ195 from Ronald Lohse on Vimeo.

Thursday - 5/7/2015


Find 1RM snatch balance.
I was surprisingly timid at this. I worked slowly, but only managed to get 115#.

Deadlift 1x3 @ 315# (old 1RM)

Deadlift 1RM @ 350# (+25# since 3/4/15)

Wednesday - 5/6/15


Bench press 3RM
Worked up to 205# (old 1RM)
Then, while trying to go up from there, set a new 1RM PR at 215#.

Power clean - 1x3 at 185#.

Going Back to Carson

Managed to get face value tickets for this year's CrossFit Games. Can't wait to go! This time we are going to watch the whole week, including Masters, Teens, Teams, and Individuals.

Monday - 5/4/15


3-4 dips
3-4 pull-ups
My left bicep was hurting quite a bit, so I could not do the required 6 reps of each movement.

Back squats 1x3 @ 3RM (315#)

200 Reps of midline work (including 100 double unders)

Sunday - 5/3/2015

Oly Meet

Competed in my first Olympic Lifting meet on Sunday - sort of.

I was able to complete all three snatches - 53, 61, and 70kg (154#). These were all power snatches as I am still nervous getting under the bar.

Before the clean & jerk portion, I got a call from Katie that her car broke down in southern Rhode Island. We had a busy afternoon of other commitments, so I had to bail on the comp and go get Katie. It was disappointing to quit before finishing since I had put a lot of work into getting ready over the prior few weeks. But, there will be other comps and family still comes first.

The meet was at No Risk CrossFit, and they put on a good event. I wasn't going to win, but it was fun to try a new type of competition.

Tuesday - 4/28/2015


5x4 Bench press @ 185#
5x10 Bench press @ 125#
4x2 Power clean @ 185#
5x6 Bicep curls @ 25# each

Wednesday - 4/22/2015

I have my first Olympic lifting meet coming up on May 3rd. Today, I decided to test out the lifts and finalize a plan for my opening and (hopefully) subsequent lifts. Here is where I ended up.

Open with 57kg (125#)
Second is 61kg (134#)
Third is 66kg (145#)
For the most part, these are going to be power snatches until I have time to build more confidence with getting under the bar quickly. I don't want red lights because I can't hold it in the squat.

Clean & Jerk
Open at 75kg (165#)
Second is 79kg (174#)
Third is 83kg (183#) or 84kg (185#)
I can go heavier for clean & jerk in CrossFit competitions, but for Olympic standards, I doubt that I will have an acceptable jerk above 84 kilos.

Tuesday - 4/21/2015

4x2 Strict press @ 145#
5x10 Strict press @ 100#
3x2 Power clean @ 185#
5x8 Bicep curls @ 25#


Lots of holds and walking practice. Best one is shown below.

Thursday - 4/16/2015


6x1 Front squats @ 245#
4x10 Front squats @ 155#
3RM Power clean @ 185#

20 Rope climbs for time: 45 minutes.
Rope climbs were very taxing, but I kept chipping away at it until I got all 20. Had a few other people in the gym, so my pride demanded that I finish. Everything that was not taped is now burned or blistered. Brutal.

Wednesday - 4/15/15

Handstand Ninjas
6 K2E
15 Tuck-ups
20ft handstand walk
My handstand walking was very funny. Mostly broken into 1, 2, and 3ft attempts. Buy, hey, I got it done. Twice in the 8 minutes.

2 snatches ascending weight
I actually started the day wanting to work on snatches to get ready for my first Oly competition on May 3rd. I did some sntach balances and some form work. Then I noticed that part of the regular workout today was the EMOM 10. I jumped into that and recorded it. I have edited out all the boring weight changes and standing around so you can see the whole workout in about 3 minutes. Set 9, Lift 2 was the best. Not sure why I can't get this lift in slow motion, yet, but I am working on that.

Tuesday - 4/14/15


6x1 Press @ 145#
4x10 Press @ 100#
21-15-9 Power cleans @ 115# + Ring rows

6 Rounds
3 Dips
6 Barbell rows @ 95#

DB Bicep curls at 20#

Monday - 4/13/15

Handstand Ninjas
Worked on handstand holds and walking. Managed to walk 6 feet.

6 dips + 6 Pull-ups (more like 5 each as I got tired quickly)

6x1 Back squat @ 315#
4x10 Back squat @ 205#
3x6 RDL at 95#
200 reps of ab work

Thursday - 4/9/2015

Handstand Ninjas
Worked on walking along the wall and on freestanding handstands.

Front squat @ 245#
2 power cleans @ 190#

3x10 Back extensions

Wednesday - 4/8/2015

Recovery day, so just worked on mobility and handstands.

10 wall walks (I still hate these, so I only got 1 of 3 sets that I owe)
2x20ft handstand walk along the wall
2x10 Freestanding handstand attempts
Wall walks are very tiring. I need to keep doing them, because they are a real weakness in my conditioning. Handstand walking along the wall got better as I worked on it. I had to focus on not getting closer to the wall and knocking myself over. Freestanding handstands are about the same as usual, but there are times where I can feel that I have better control. I need to work on some forward rolls so I am more comfortable throwing myself up into the handstand.

Also "tried" to do some handstand pops with a band. That was comical. I have vide, but my pride prevents my from posting it. Maybe I will some day - if I ever get some competency with them.

Tuesday - 4/7/2015



Strict Press: 145#

4 Rounds

8 barbell rows (115#)
:30 handstand holds

Skipped conditioning because I wrecked myself yesterday with back squats and burpees. Spent some extra time on handstand holds and handstand walking.

Thursday - 4/2/2015 Session One

Agility ladder, hurdles, small box jumps. Also we tried paleo crawls; these were tough and I sucked at them.

The Rx workout was for increasing difficulty in ring dips. I did not have those, today. However, I cranked out 5 from the dip station with ease (surprising). Even better, I was able to add weight each round. Added a chain around my shoulders for round 2, a bigger chain for rounds 3 and 4, and 2 big chains for round 5.

3 Rounds
4:00 row for distance
3:00 rest
Got just over 3000m for the total. Also got some video review feedback from coach Pat. Very productive workout for me.

Strength session later today.

Wednesday - 4/1/2015

Handstand Ninjas

10x10second handstand hold (belly to wall)
20 tuck ups
30 deficit hand release push-ups
40 superman pulses
The 10x10 was hardest simply because of the work it takes to get into that position. Rather than wall walking each one (which would be exhausting, I started a couple feet from the wall and kicked up. This way, I only had to walk back a couple steps. The tuck-ups and superman pulses highlighted the woeful condition of my core. Need to work on this stuff for sure. After this workout, I did some freestanding handstand holds. Longest success was about 5 seconds.

Strength Program

Used this recovery day to catch up on my missing lifts from Saturday.

5RM dead lift @ 275#
2x5 dead lift @ 260#